How to Choose the Finest Echhi Harem Anime

The Echhi harem anime are a series of comic or television animation films typically aimed for children and adults for to get entertain. These animated collections of films are quite popular among viewers. They are well developed by professional animated artist to boost the experience of the

Anime Like Attack On Titan

It is one of the most popular anime series movie, the story is based on the humanity among humans. The movie is a Japanese Manga series and well demonstrated by Hajime Isayama. The story is about Giant or Creatures known by Titans suddenly appeared in the city

Best Samurai Anime Recommendations

Rurouni Kenshin The story is about a cold hearted ex-assassin named Himura Kenshin or also known as battousai. He has committed a lot of bad deeds and seeks to make amends for the same by heling people who need help. He meets Kamiya and offers her help

Best Harem Anime Recommendations

Sekirei It revolves around the life of a boy named Minato Sahashi who has been an extremely brilliant boy all his life but the problem with him is that he can not handle pressure and due to this he ends up failing in the college entrance exams

Best Gundam Anime Series Recommendations

Turn a Gundam This series is specially liked by the Gundam fans for various reasons. Firstly, it was the beginning of the new Tomino after coming out from depression when for years he was infamously called Minna Gorashi no Tomino. The series ends on a unique note,


So basically, what is Ecchi Harem Anime?   Ecchi Harem is basically a fusion of two Japanese words. Ecchi meaning erotic, sexy or lewd, in many cases there is no nudity but there are lots and lots of scenes aimed purely to please audiences. While Harem means

Best Action Anime to Watch in 2016

Action anime is usually very hard nut to crack because action can be anything be it a car chase or be it an epic battle scene but one thing is sure if you have some kind of rush while playing a anime game or watching it then

Shoujo Anime List

Fruits Basket Tohru Honda is the protagonist who’s having a bad time. Her mother has died recently and she has had to take shelter in the woods in a camp. She’s then invited to live with the family of the hunk of her class. However, things get

Best Shoujo Anime Recommendations

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon The lead of the series is Usagi who’s a crybaby and crazy about boys but very average. She has been given the task of protecting the humanity and is the sailor moon. She’s not alone; other girls from her school too are superheroes

Ninja Turtles Names and Colors

Produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson, Ninja Turtles, also known in the Republic of Ireland, Germany and the United Kingdom as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, is an American animated television series which was premiered in December of 1987. It was originally created as a 5-part mini-series which went through its